History Of Development





In 2013, the agricultural market of Kazakhstan, a new company – LLC «AGRO-IMPERIAL», created on the basis of a network of shops “seeds from Holland,” FE “Karahodzhaeva” and production base farm “Ermekbaev.” On the first day of the company’s founders clearly established the mission, purpose and strategy of the work, which is to the interests and needs of the agricultural producer.



With the right management and more production experience, well-established system of work, highly skilled workers – the company for a certain period has become one of the largest companies in sales of vegetable seeds and forage crops, plant protection, equipment for drip irrigation and fertilizers on the market of Kazakhstan.



We are official distributors of the world’s companies such as HAZERA Seeds and Semillas Fito.

Our partners are manufacturers of equipment of drip irrigation Turkish companies IMA, CMR, SUNSTREAM, KLEPSAN (damlama sulama sistemleri) and manufacturers of high-quality fertilizer for drip irrigation systems, and is the root fertilization (leaf) ICL Fertillizers and MERISTEM ST



The company’s mission:
Professional development and implementation of effective solutions and innovation in agricultural technology;
Improving economic opportunities for farmers by supporting business intelligence solutions agricultural technologies, thereby contribute to the progressive development of the agro-industrial sector of the economy of Kazakhstan;
We work for the benefit of present and future generations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The purpose of the company:
Stay safe and be a valuable partner in agricultural production on his way to getting the maximum profit.
When we talk about quality, we mean not only quality products, but also the fact that the main thing for us – customer service!
The company’s strategy:
The staff of LLP «AGRO-IMPERIAL», today has more than 30 employees who are ready to provide high-quality and useful advice growers on all issues and to conduct agricultural business.
The company operates in all areas related to the conduct of agricultural business. Cooperates with banks, research institutes, companies, manufacturers and exporters of agricultural products.

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