a1  «AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP has carried out estensive and meticulous work researching and analyzing the needs cultivated plants for macroelements in order to understand what is needed, what the plants lacks and at wich vegetation stager for normal development and maximum harvest.

  Our company offers you a range of fertilizers for all occasions at any stage of the growing season . For your harvest !

At the moment, our company can offer you the following range of fertilizers :

Nutrimax micro

Liquid organic fertilizer for foliar application  Nutrimax Micro

 Solid minerals are correctors power plant , with a maximum concentration of elements . They can be used in all kinds of drip irrigation systems and leaf ( foliar ) dressing . Increase fruit quality , improving their aging. Increases resistance to pests and diseases


Biostimulyators Aminomax

  Today unstable climate is one of the main external factors limiting plant growth .     Aminomaks - liquid organo- fertilizer containing amino acids with the addition of macro and micro elements . It promotes rapid recovery of plants after the stress factors such as heat, drought, mechanical injury, pesticide handling, waterlogging , stunting , drying of lower leaves


Poliflavonoyd Istarka

   Special line of fertilizers to compensate for the deficiency of nutrients , which contain trace elements on the basis of lignosulfonates as chelating agents . Product Promotes light absorption in the plant , avoiding the problems of phytotoxicity . Designed for leaf ( foliar ) feeding


Correction battery shortage Nutrimax

  Correction of malnutrition , developed for foliar application , containing macro- and microelements , organic substances and amino acids .   NUTRIMAX - line carefully selected fertilizers designed to compensate for the deficiency of certain nutrients , such as potassium, calcium, boron and molybdenum.


Biostimulyators Stimax

   Biostimulyators STIMAKS contain macro and micro elements , free amino acids and polysaccharides . The items are well -balanced , ensure the development of a strong root system in the initial phase of plant development and are beneficial to the whole plant .


Phosphites Kafom

  Liquid organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium , with a fungicidal effect against Phytophthora , downy mildew and other diseases fungicidal oomycetes group .   Phosphite products are readily soluble in water, easily absorbed by plants through the leaf ( foliar ) fertilizer plant and activate self-defense mechanism .


Nutrivant Drip

  The new line of fertilizers for plant nutrition in drip irrigation systems.   The fine, crystalline powder, rapidly dissolving in water. Made from high-quality ingredients, pure and soluble materials. It consists of 100% of the nutrients and substances necessary for plants. Various formulations NPK, provide a balanced and complete nutrition of the plant. For the first time in the history of the production of mineral fertilizers, able to create a unique product which included, along with macro (of NPK) and trace elements include calcium (Ca).