Drip irrigation

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The company’s policy is aimed at creating a favorable image of the firm, primarily through the fulfillment in good faith of all contractual obligations, where the engineering support of projects is always included. Each drip irrigation system (DIS) project of the company is a result of the creative understanding and software processing of a lot of primary data necessary in adapting the project to the local conditions of various regions of Kazakhstan.

Drip irrigation is characterized by the following advantages:

  • The maximum moisture loss factor in drip irrigation for evaporation and infiltration is 5%, reaching 40-50% in traditional irrigation with sprinkling machines.
  • Water saving in drip irrigation is 2.5-3 times higher as compared with sprinkling and traditional watering;
  • Feeding elements are supplied in the form of fertilizer solutions directly to the root zone of plants and are soaked up well;
  • The A value in fertigation is significantly higher than in basic application;
  • Optimization of soil humidity conditions is enabled;
  • Standardized watering using tensiometers prevents soil flooding and salination;
  • Fertilizers can be introduced with fertigation even in the setting of heavy precipitation;
  • The soil structure is retained during watering, no soil crust is formed;
  • Due to the high crop yield of the plants grown with DIS and fertigation high crop yield and rapid payback of DIS costs are achieved, labor costs decreased by 1.5-2 times.

The company is completed with the up-to-date equipment of Dutch, Turkish and Israeli firms: taps, valves, hydrometers, filtration plants and various filters, fertigation devices, layflat watering hose, sprinklers, spare parts and components; «AGROIMPERIAL» LLP also has long-term experience of design and installation works and knows the intricacies of the equipment completing drip irrigation systems.

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