Agronomical support of agricultural projects

a3 One of the key areas of our work is the comprehensive agronomical support of agricultural projects. Modern crop growing processes are very complicated. One person cannot be a specialist in everything despite their wish and even if they have any kind of talents. The higher the technology, the narrower the focus is. We make no scientific discoveries and do set no task like that. Scientific institutions have carried out a lot of studies, but these are all locked up in their ivory towers. So we do believe our mission is to collect and filter all the available knowledge for reliability, systemize it and teach it to the agricultural producers who turn to us how to apply them in order to obtain high yields in their fields, predictably, for sure, and earn money not only in the year when everything is sold like hot pies, but also during an economic crisis, when everyone looks for products at a minimum price yet of maximum quality. Flow process charts for crop growing, a mineral fertilizer application plan, a plant protection action plan and the key consolidated document, the crop growing economy calculation, are drawn up. We maintain agronomic support contracts for vegetable, forage and horticultural crops in the farms of Almaty, Dzhambul and South Kazakhstan regions of Kazakhstan.