The basic strategy of «AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP is close and fruitful cooperation with the manufacturing companies whose reliability has been proven over time. As a result of long-term, reliable partnerships, «AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP ensures the highest level of product quality and cooperation on more favorable terms. Our partners include the best international and Kazakhstan companies that are leaders in the global and national markets in manufacturing quality products.


  Hazera Seeds
«Hazera Seeds» is a world leader in the seeds industry. Hazera brings experience, commitment and support, combining its long-term experience of work with the government and cutting-edge technologies. «Hazera Seeds» develops, produces and sells varieties of seeds within a wide range of vegetable crops all over the world.   The headquarters of «Hazera Seeds» is situated in Made, the Netherlands, with branches in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network providing producer goods in over 100 additional markets, including Kazakhstan («AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP). This worldwide presence allows us to be closer to our clients. This lets us offer technical support, predict and react at local needs by creating varieties corresponding to specific climate, growing conditions and market requirements.
«Semillas fito» company was founded in Spain (Barcelona) in 1880. Over more than 130 years it grew from a little seed to become one of the leading transnational corporations in the field of selective breeding, production and distribution of seeds. The company never stops its innovation developments and provides clients in over 70 countries with products of the highest quality. «AGRO-IMPERIA» has been offering seeds of vegetable and forage crops since 2013.
Bejo Zaden B.V. presents the known worldwide Dutch seeds company at the Kazakhstan market. Bejo Zaden - it is the known worldwide company, specialized on a selection, seed-grower and sale of seed of vegetable cultures for the professional vegetable-growing of open soil. First of all Bejo is specialized on the selection of carrot, cabbage, bow, and table beet, creating new varieties hybrids with stability to the different diseases. In addition, a company has an experience in a productive sector counting 100 about. Our assortment plugging in itself more than 800 different sorts and presenting about 45 vegetable cultures allows Bejo to offer the complex program acceptable to the different markets and climatic zones. Foods of company " Bejo" filled up the assortment of "AGRO-IMPERIAL" from 2013.
«Quimicas Meristem» (Valencia, Spain), a company founded in 1984, was initially dedicated to the production and development of special-purpose fertilizers for plant nutrition. Since then they have been finding innovative solutions adapted to the needs of the developing market, which requires more specialized products respecting the environment, which resulted in the creation of a wide range. «AGRO-IMPERIAL» has been cooperating with «Quimicas Meristem» since 2013.
«ICL Fertilizers», an American company with headquarters in Fort, New Jersey, was created in 2003. Today the company is one of the world leaders in the production of special-purpose organic fertilizers, growth biostimulants and micronutrients. The majority of formulations are based on raw materials of its own making, including a biologically active plant extract obtained through a unique process. «AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP has been cooperating with «ICL Fertilizers» since 2013.
«IMA filtre», Turkey (Antalya), is a company manufacturing drip irrigation systems, its product quality certified by the Standard Institute of Turkey. «IMA filtre» manufactures the following: strainers, disc filters, hydro cyclone filters, fertilizer tanks, turbo filters, water pressure filters and water filters. Since 2007 the irrigation systems manufactured by IMA have been selling in 450 outlets in Turkey and 15 outlets abroad, including Kazakhstan, «AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP.
«CMR damla sulama sistemleri», a Turkish company, was created in 1999 to manufacture drip irrigation systems. «CMR» offers the following for drip watering: pipes, layflats, drip tape, dripping pipes, drip micropipes, nozzles, filters, drips, fittings, fasteners, sprinklers, irrigators, pressure controls, emitters, punchers, tape winders, shut-off valves, Venturi injectors for fertilizer introduction, reservoirs and controllers for drip watering systems. «AGRO-IMPERIAL» LLP has been the official distributor of «CMR» in Kazakhstan since 2013.
Syngenta AG is a Swiss company, one of the leaders in the field of production of plant protection means and seed industry. The company was formed in November 2000 as a result of the merger of the agrarian subdivisions of Novartis AG and AstraZeneca Plc. «Syngenta» occupies the leading position among the developers and manufacturers of plant protection means and the third place in the market of high-quality seeds. Owing to a varied stock of formulations, an extensive technological base and its great research and development potential, the company is leading the global agribusiness. In 2009, the sales volume of the company amounted to over 11.5 bln. USD. Traditional and cutting-edge technologies alike are provided with extensive investment. The company is pursuing the course of long-term development and growth, developing groundbreaking solutions for specific crops and regions. Products of «Syngenta» have been included in the range of «AGRO-IMPERIAL» since 2013.
The company’s founder and CEO Johnny Stromvoll has 15 years of experience in fertilizer-related business in CIS countries. In 1997-1998, when he was a manager of «Hydro Agri Russia», he and his team introduced the first water-soluble fertilizers for leaf feeding for field crops in open soil in the region. Since 2005 «NUTRITECH SYSTEM» has developed two lines of specialized fertilizers produced by «Fertilizers & Chemicals2, an Israeli company and a subsidiary of «ICL», a worldwide leading company occupied with the production of raw materials and chemical products, a line of water-soluble NPK products, leaf-feeding fertilizers – «NUTRIVANT PLUS». This line contains Fertivant patented active surface substance, the NUTRIVANT DRIP line containing the Pekacid patented product cleaning the drip system during feeding. Products of Norica have been included in the range of «AGRO-IMPERIAL» since 2013.
Sunstream is a company of the Turkish (Antalya) producer of the systems of the tiny watering and irrigation. Works from 1994 and produces products competitive with the leading European producers. "AGRO-IMPERIAL" LLP cooperates from 2013.